Safety measures that ensure that IRCTC iMudra is one of the most secure online payments apps in India

Unauthorized purchases, stealing of funds and identity theft are just some of the dangers we expose ourselves to while transacting online. In a world that is slowly becoming cashless and everything from goods to services is readily available on the web, online money wallets have become indispensable. In such a scenario, all we can do is get our hands on one of the safest online payment apps in India so that our money is in a safe place. IRCTC iMudra is not only a secure way to send money to one’s friends and relatives, it also enables users to carry out an array of activities online such as booking tickets, shopping, paying bills and lots more through a safe payment gateway. If you’re wondering what makes IRCTC iMudra one of the most secure online payment apps in India, then read further to find out.

  1. Factor User Authentication: One of the most effective methods to counter cyber attacks such as phishing is by adding an extra layer to the verification process. This simple yet effective technique can save users from a hoard of online scams. Every IRCTC iMudra user has to go through a two-fold verification process. While the first step can be completed using any identity card such as voter ID, driving license or passport, the full verification requires KYC details. This protects all accounts and further ensures that only verified users can extend their monthly wallet limit to Rs. 1,00,000.
  2. Secure Access: Whenever a booking or financial transaction is made through IRCTC iMudra, a unique transaction password/PIN as easy OTP is generated for safety and security purposes. Hence, users need not depend on their respective banks as payment can be processed directly through their IRCTC iMudra wallet. This simple process not only eliminates a tiresome payment cycle but also saves time and makes your money more secure. This is because the user’s cards/bank accounts are no longer exposed to the physical world; reducing the risk of cybercrime.
  3. Instant Report and Action: Your safety is our priority. IRCTC iMudra prides itself on the 24-hour customer support and quick action taken against any fraudulent activity. If you register some fishy activity in your account, then share your complaint with us immediately on our helpline number i.e 755 661 0661. We assure you that strict action will be taken against the guilty party.

Open a world of opportunities without exposing yourself to a world of cybercrime with IRCTC iMudra, a secure payment app made for all your digital needs. To get started, visit or download the IRCTC iMudra app from Play Store. iPhone users can also make the most of this app now by downloading it from App Store. Just get the app on your phone and enjoy this easy way to send or receive money with a single tap. And always remember that ultimately, your safety is in your hands. Never share sensitive or valuable information with strangers and make the most of IRCTC iMudra, your go-to online wallet that is safe, reliable and most importantly, secure.

What makes IRCTC iMudra the best e wallet with debit card

With the nation aiming to become cashless, most of us are looking for safe and secure ways of doing payments online. If you want to get your hands on the best e-wallet with a debit card, then it’s time you start using IRCTC iMudra. Never stand in an ATM queue or run out of cash again. Bid adieu to multiple credit cards, debit cards and customer loyalty cards and lighten your wallet with a convenient app that can be accessed easily from your phone, laptop or tablet. Wondering which special features make IRCTC iMudra one of the best e-wallet apps in India? Find out below.

  1. Simple Interface: If you’re worried that you’ll have a tough time trying to understand the app and its multiple features, then you can put your worries to rest. The IRCTC iMudra app has been designed keeping the user in mind and everything from money transfers to bill payments can be done easily with a tap. The app interface is very simple and all the features are clearly displayed on the home screen so that everyone can use the app whether you’re a kid or an adult new to the world of online payments. There’s also an option of checking the e-wallet user history so that you can keep a tab of all your transactions. For a simple and hassle-free experience every time, download the IRCTC iMudra app today!
  2. Exciting Offers: Who doesn’t like cashbacks and discounts? Treat yourself with some of the best offers on leading e-commerce platforms like Lenskart, Netmeds, Club Mahindra, Myntra, FirstCry, Timex watches, Pashma, Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop, Zee 5 and lots more, only with your IRCTC iMudra wallet and VISA card. Enjoy a hoard of iristitible offers that you won’t find elsewhere. To unlock the best deals on the best online money wallet, visit
  3. Secure Payments: Cyber crime is very real and a threat that lurks just behind the corner. With phishing scams, money laundering and account hacking activities happening so frequently, we are bound to feel skeptical about making payments online. The iMudra wallet is an offering of the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC) that was introduced to ensure that users can transfer money, pay bills or shop online through a very secure payment gateway. So, rest assured, your money is always safe with IRCTC iMudra. The 2-step KYC verification process makes all the accounts and wallets authentic so that users can make the most of the app while maintaining their cybersecurity.
  4. Easy Bookings: Do you have to book a train ticket in a hurry? Just select your IRCTC iMudra wallet on the last step and complete your bookings easily. This payment mode is not only reliable and safe but also offers easy refunds. So, in case you cancel your tickets, the refund amount will be credited back to the source i.e. your IRCTC iMudra wallet in this case within 48 hours. Convenient, isn’t it? So, what are you waiting for? Just start using the IRCTC iMudra app and make your life simpler!

In case you need any assistance or have to report a fraudulent activity, then you can avail our round-the-clock customer support on 7556610661. Already convinced that IRCTC iMudra is one of the best online e wallets out there? Wait, we have more to offer! Your IRCTC iMudra wallet comes with a debit card that can be used for multiple purposes. Use the physical form of this card to withdraw cash if you need it urgently or use it online to shop your heart out! The deal can’t get better. So, start using IRCTC iMudra, the best e wallet with debit card and make payments on the go.

List of irresistible offers you can avail through IRCTC iMudra Prepaid VISA card online

Undoubtedly one of the best inventions of the 21st century, mobile wallets are a convenient alternative to traditional banking systems. Directly accessible through a smartphone, an online digital wallet such as IRCTC iMudra can be used for shopping online, paying bills, sending money to friends and family, etc. The IRCTC iMudra digital wallet is not only a secure and safe method for conducting transactions but also comes with a prepaid VISA card that can be used to avail some very exciting offers online. Want to know how? Read on to find out.

  1. Myntra: Bitten by the shopping bug? Now shop your heart out on Myntra’s online store and get upto Rs. 1000 off*. Offer valid only on select styles and on a minimum purchase of Rs. 3,999. This exclusive offer is applicable for IRCTC iMudra VISA cardholders. Just use the code MYNIRCTC19 at the time of checkout & enjoy your purchases. For details, check iMudra Mobile App.
  2. FirstCry: Here’s a big offer for your little ones! Shop for Rs.1,999online on FirstCry and get Rs. 650 off* on using code FCITM650. Limited period offer, valid only for IRCTC iMudra users. To know more, visit iMudra Mobile App.
  3. Timex Watches: Have you been eyeing that Timex watch? Take time out to buy your dream timepiece! Also, get flat 10%* off on the MRP of any Timex watch on using code TIMEX10. Offer valid only till 31st March. So hurry! time is running fast. To avail this offer, download the IRCTC iMudra app today!
  4. ZEE5: Catch all your favourite TV shows, the latest movies, web series and more with a ZEE5 subscription at half the original price. Use your IRCTC iMudra VISA card and get this amazing subscription at just Rs.12/ 7 days*. For complete offer details, visit iMudra Mobile App
  5. Lenskart: Now buy designer eyewear at affordable prices on Lenskart with your IRCTC iMudra VISA card. From spectacles to sunglasses, pick your favourites & get Rs. 500 off* on any pair. To know more about this limited period offer, visit iMudra Mobile App
  6. Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop: Want to get your hands on high-end fashion brands without burning a hole through your pocket? Just go to Pernia’s Pop-Up shop and pay using your IRCTC iMudra VISA card or wallet to avail instant 15%* off on the total bill. Download the IRCTC iMudra app today! *T&C available on
  7. Pashma: Upgrade your winter wardrobe with exquisite shawls and the most luxurious cashmere scarves and tees from Pashma. Buy at the stores or online & get flat 15%* discount with your IRCTC iMudra VISA card. Just use code PASHMA15 at the time of checkout. Terms & conditions apply.
  8. Netmeds: Medical bills draining your wallet? Save big with IRCTC iMudra and buy medicines from Netmeds at the best price. Avail flat 20%* off on the MRP and an additional benefit of 40%* NMS Cash. Use code NMSIRCTC60 while checking out. To know more about this irresistible offer, download the iMudra app from Play Store or Apple Store.

Get ready to make the most of these offers! Download the IRCTC iMudra app right away and make shopping fun. Also, your IRCTC iMudra wallet comes with both a physical card as well as a digital VISA card which can be used as per your convenience. Topup your iMudra wallet cum prepaid card to complete your transactions online/offline, choose preferred mode from credit card, debit card, UPI, net banking, etc. So, get the IRCTC iMudra prepaid VISA card – Digital and Physical & shop till you drop, both online & offline!

Best Prepaid Digital Wallets in India – IRCTC iMudra

As our shopping experiences are slowly shifting from offline stores to online retailers, payment platforms and the payment gateway industry is also evolving to keep up with the emerging trends. A mobile wallet is a comparatively new concept in the country that is steadily replacing traditional payment methods. A prepaid digital wallet offers the convenience of making quick, cashless and seamless payments on e-commerce platforms. Here’s a look at some of the most trustworthy prepaid digital wallets in the country.

  1. Amazon Pay: Launched in 2007 globally, Amazon Pay is an online payment processing service that uses the consumer base of Currently, available in over 18 countries, this service enables users to pay directly with their Amazon accounts on other merchant websites. Amazon Pay was introduced in India in 2017.
  2. IRCTC iMudra: Like the other digital wallets in India, IRCTC iMudra is a very safe and reliable way to transfer money to friends on iMudra or shop for goods online as well as offline. The app can be easily accessed from a mobile phone, tablet or desktop and across any platform. A great benefit for IRCTC iMudra users is that they can book railway tickets instantly without the hassle of payment approval cycles and also save payment gateway charges by a flat booking fee of just Rs. 10 + GST. Another feature that makes IRCTC iMudra one of the best digital wallets in India is that the digital wallet comes with a digital and physical card powered by VISA. So, it is like a mastercard/Rupay digital wallet that takes care of all your digital needs from online shopping to bill payments. This service was launched by the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation in 2019 with an aim to open a world of opportunities for users and empower them with the true power of going cashless on every transaction.
  3. Google Pay: Despite being a late entrant in the digital world, Google Pay has managed to scale up its user base in a short span of time. Formerly known as Tez, this prepaid digital wallet gets linked directly to the user’s bank account. So, one can avoid the hassle of loading the wallet regularly and even do away with the additional KYC verification. Users can send money to their contacts as well as pay bills online through this app.
  4. PayTM: One of the largest mobile commerce platforms in the country, PayTM is a prepaid digital wallet where users can store money and make quick payments online. Even though PayTMwas launched in 2010, it attained immense popularity only after digital awareness came to India and people started trusting such mobile wallet apps.
  5. PhonePe: Started in 2015, PhonePe was the first payment app that was built on unified payments interface (UPI). Available in 11 different languages, it enables users to shop online and offline, pay utility bills as well as send or receive money.

With more and more prepaid digital wallets emerging in the country, the choice to pick a reliable app is ultimately yours. But with the changing landscape, having at least one of these apps has become a necessity. Whether for bill payments or money transfers, prepaid digital wallets offer a much easier and convenient way for financial transactions. And a wallet app like IRCTC iMudra also offers users a hoard of offers and benefits on successful transactions with select merchants. To know more about exciting offers on IRCTC iMudra, download the app from Play Store or Apple Store today!

How IRCTC iMudra stands out among best digital wallets in India

A digital wallet enables hassle-free online purchases through laptops, tablets or smartphones. Several new digital wallets have emerged in recent times, each claiming to be better than the other. As a result, the internet has become the breeding ground for hackers to commit cybercrimes like data frauds, phishing, and theft. According to a recent survey, cybercrime ranks on number 3 in the list of common crimes in the country. As a well-informed and aware citizen of the country, it is your right to have access to a secure online portal that can enable you to make safe transactions and keep cyber hazards at bay. The prime reason why IRCTC iMudra is one of the best digital wallets in India is that it is a secure platform with a fully-encrypted payment gateway. Consequently, your money remains safe in this wallet and you can carry out all your financial transactions without any worry. Apart from this, here are three other things that make IRCTC iMudra one of the “best digital wallets in India”.

1.Virtual and Physical Cards: Apart from the IRCTC iMudra wallet, users also get a digital pre-paid card and a physical card powered by VISA Network. While the former is free, the latter can be purchased at a nominal price of Rs. 200+ GST. The Physical card can be used to shop online and several exciting discounts that can be availed through it. Additionally, in case you ever run out of cash, this card can be used to withdraw cash from the ATM.

2.Quick Refunds: In case your transaction fails, the money is instantly returned to the source i.e. your IRCTC iMudra wallet. Even if money is debited from your account, you can rest assured that it will be credited within 3-4 business days.

3.Exciting Offers and Discounts: IRCTC iMudra users can enjoy a world of benefits by availing some special discounts and offers. Some of the latest offers on iMudra include 10% off on Timex watches on using special code ‘TIMEX10’, flat Rs. 650 off on First Cry products on a minimum purchase of Rs. 1999 with offer code ‘FCITM650’ and up to Rs. 1000 off on Myntra using code ‘MYNIRCTC19’. Offer applicable only on select styles & on a minimum purchase of Rs. 3,999. Validity till 31st March 2020. Terms and conditions apply. So, start using the IRCTC iMudra wallet and save big. For offer details,

The app is also an easy way to send or receive money to your contacts over the IRCTC iMudra network. To get started, just download the IRCTC iMudra app from App Store or Play Store, complete your KYC registration and transfer money, anytime, anywhere with ease. The KYC user authentication makes it one of the safest payment apps and a ‘one-time password’ is generated every time to secure the transaction.

It’s time to explore a truly cashless world with IRCTC iMudra! Access this powerful wallet from the convenience of your home, office or on the go on a device of your preference. Buy goods and services online using the IRCTC iMudra and enjoy some special benefits. With a very strict policy against frauds, at IRCTC iMudra, several measures are taken to prevent cybercrime. Switch to IRCTC iMudra, one of the “best digital wallets in India” and go cashless!

Steps to Follow on iMudra App to Send Money Instantly

Gone are the days when people had to stand in long queues inside a bank to transfer money to a loved one living in another city. To top it, the tension of a long, tiresome process of filling out forms, counting currency notes and hoping that the money would reach in time. In today’s digital age, it is possible to send/ receive money with the touch of one’s fingertips. There are numerous online wallets and apps that can be used to pay bills, shop for goods and also transfer money. One such app to send money instantly is IRCTC iMudra, a digital payments app launched by the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation.

To get started with IRCTC iMudra, users need to visit or download the IRCTC iMudra app from the Play Store/ App Store. If you’re a new user, then you can create an account by selecting the ‘Sign Up’ option displayed on top of the screen and filling in the relevant details. Make sure you write the phone number correctly as a ‘one-time password’ will be sent on this number to create a secure account. On entering the OTP, you will be directed to the next page that has KYC details. You can select any identity proof such as passport, driving license or your voter’s card and complete this step by entering the ID number. Existing users can ‘sign in’ to their account by entering their existing user name and password. Once you sign in, you can start using your IRCTC iMudra account through the dashboard which holds your e-wallet and cards in one place.

On top of the home screen, your wallet balance will be displayed. To top-up this wallet, you can choose any suitable payment mode such as credit card, debit card, UPI, etc. keep in mind that users with minimum KYC verification have a wallet limit of Rs. 10,000 and for users with complete KYC verification, the limit is Rs. 1,00,000. So, if you have to transfer a large amount of money, get your KYC verification done and enjoy hassle-free money transfers with IRCTC iMudra. Once you add money in your IRCTC iMudra wallet, you can transfer it to your friends over the IRCTC iMudra network in just one click. And the best thing is that it is a secure payment gateway. So, your money is in safe hands. Not only this, the app offers its users hoards of exciting offers and several other benefits. You can check out some of the amazing deals and discounts on

Additional benefits include a digital VISA card that can be used for online shopping as well as a physical card that can be used to withdraw cash from the ATM. With so many benefits in just one product, you don’t need to go elsewhere. So, download the IRCTC iMudra app and have a world of online opportunities open in front of you. It’s time to switch to one of the best online money wallets in the country. Download the IRCTC iMudra “app to send money instantly” and get the most exclusive offers.

5 Features that Make iMudra Unique & an Easy Way to Send or Receive Money

Are you looking for an easy way to send or receive money? Your search ends with IRCTC iMudra. One of the best e-wallet apps in India, IRCTC iMudra makes train ticket booking, online shopping and money transfer easy. In digital payment industry various digital wallets are available, it can be difficult to choose an app that is reliable, dependable and also easy to use. Keeping this in mind, the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC) has introduced its e-wallet that is the safest and easiest way to do online & offline money transactions. Apart from booking train tickets, IRCTC iMudra also allows users to carry out a multitude of activities online such as paying bills, buying goods and services etc. While these things can be carried out using any e-wallet, here are 5 features that make our app extra special.

  1. User Authentication: A simple online verification process is employed to verify and authenticate IRCTC iMudra users through their Voter ID/Driving License/Passport. Users can further complete Full KYC verification process to increase their wallet’s monthly limit to Rs. 1,00,000. For minimum KYC-verified users, the monthly wallet limit is Rs. 10,000. This prevents fraudulent transactions and ensures complete transparency.
  2. Secure Access and Transactions: Every time a booking or transaction is done through IRCTC iMudra, a unique transaction password/PIN as easy OTP is generated for safety and security purposes. Users need not depend on their respective banks as payment can be processed directly through their IRCTC iMudra wallet. This eliminates a tiresome payment cycle, saves time and is simultaneously a completely secure process. Users cards/bank accounts are not in exposure of physical world.
  3. Easy Refunds: In case a user wishes to cancel their bookings/ tickets, they can get refunds on their IRCTC iMudra wallet. Even if your transaction fails and money is debited from your account, it will be refunded to the source at earliest. So, with IRCTC iMudra, your money will always be safe and secure.
  4. Virtual and Physical Cards: One of the unique ewallets with digital card, you can use your IRCTC iMudra card to shop online. Additionally, you can also apply for a physical card that costs just Rs. 200 + GST and it can be used to withdraw cash from any ATM in the country.
  5. Special Offers: IRCTC iMudra users can save a lot of money by availing various amazing discounts and deals that are offered to them from time-to-time. Offers from brands like Fab Hotels wherein users get 40% off plus an additional 27% off on using their IRCTC iMudra wallet for hotel booking, flat 15% off on Pashma store, 15% off on Freedom Tree, Rs. 500/- off on FabIndia on using VISA card and discount on Club Mahindra membership plans are some of the rewards & deals that IRCTC iMudra users can avail.

Excited to use this e-wallet? You can log on to the IRCTC iMudra website or download the app from Play Store. Now, Apple users can also use our app by downloading it from App Store. So, buy movie tickets, shop household items, train tickets or pay for restaurant or hotel bills easily using your IRCTC iMudra wallet. And if you want to transfer funds, then iMudra is an “easy way to send or receive money online”. Get started now!

4 Reasons Why IRCTC iMudra is the Most Secure Way to Send Money

IRCTC iMudra, an easy and safe online money wallet allows users to send and receive money without any hassle or worry. From online shopping to buying train tickets, transferring money or paying bills, you can do it all easily with IRCTC iMudra. Along with the wallet, it comes with a virtual and physical card to ensure that users can avail all services with their IRCTC iMudra account. Not just this, IRCTC iMudra is also the safest payment app. Want to know how? Here is a list of reasons that makes IRCTC iMudra the most secure way to send money.

  1. Employs a Safe Payment Gateway: Booking train or air tickets via IRCTC iMudra is very safe as the user doesn’t need to share any card details while booking ticket on IRCTC. An easy OTP (pre generated OTP) faster than traditional methods can be used to pay via iMudra under the Payment Gateway iPay on IRCTC. It is easy, secure and the fastest payment method in IRCTC.
  2. Enables Easy Refunds: In case of any cancellation, your money will be refunded to the source i.e. your IRCTC iMudra wallet in this instance. Even if your transaction fails but money is debited from the wallet, an IRCTC iMudra user need not worry. The money will be refunded at earliest.
  3. Requires KYC Verification by User: For financial transactions on iMudra, both sender and receiver need to complete their Full KYC verification process. This will allow you to send or receive money in a secure way with a monthly limit of Rs. 1,00,000. For users with minimum KYC verification, the monthly wallet limit is Rs. 10,000.
  4. Has a Strict Policy against Frauds: IRCTC iMudra takes strict action against all fraudulent practices and try its best to keep the users secure. In case, you encounter any fraudulent transaction, call on the toll free customer care number i.e. +91- 755 661 0661 to report immediately and IRCTC iMudra will handle the matter to the best of our ability.

A secure payment app, IRCTC iMudra also has some amazing offers for users so that they can avail maximum benefits. Some of the stores IRCTC iMudra users can avail offers and discounts at include Pashma Store, Fab India, Club Mahindra, Freedom Tree, Truefitt, and Hill and Netmeds among others. So, next time you want to send money to your daughter for her college fee or to a friend in need, just use your IRCTC iMudra wallet, for a “secure way to send money”. Who knows, this transaction might make you win exciting discounts on your next transaction/purchase made with IRCTC iMudra card or wallet. Your IRCTC iMudra wallet can be accessed using a mobile phone, desktop or tablet. Users can access the website directly at or download the app from App Store or Play Store. Step into a whole new cashless world with your IRCTC iMudra wallet and make every transaction on the go. Carry this power wallet in your phone and make secure payment transactions, every time. What are you waiting for? Download the app today to get exclusive benefits and amazing discounts!

Choose IRCTC iMudra, the e-Wallet with Digital and Physical Card

Cyber-crime is an ongoing threat in today’s digital world. Despite taking a few basic precautions, a hacker might easily steal valuable financial information from your account. As more and more companies are coming up with their own wallets, it is important to discern and use only authentic wallets online that enable secure transactions. One such e-wallet called IRCTC iMudra has been introduced by the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC). One of the best e-wallets with prepaid card, it opens a new world of possibilities for the user and empowers them to go truly cashless. Some of the features that make IRCTC iMudra one of the best e-wallets in India are as follows:

  1. User Authentication: A simple online verification process allows users to authenticate their identity through their Voter id/Passport/Driving License or masked AADHAAR card (For Full OKYC). 
  2. Secured Access: IRCTC iMudra is providing safe payment mode for booking tickets online as it has a secure payment gateway for carrying out transactions easily.
  3. Complete User History: Users can easily access their IRCTC iMudra, e-wallet payment history and check their recent transactions.
  4. Easy Refund: In case of ticket cancellation, money will be refunded to the source i.e. your iMudra wallet. 

If your friends/ relatives also use IRCTC iMudra, then you can easily receive/send money to their wallet. All you have to do is complete your full OKYC verification and you can start transferring money and much more on the go by simply using the app on your phone. This powerful wallet can be accessed using a desktop or tab through the IRCTC iMudra website or using iMudra mobile app. From booking train tickets, pay at restaurant, iMudra can be used on multiple occasions. The iMudra e-Wallet allows a credit limit up to 1 Lac rupees for verified full OKYC users. You can easily top up your IRCTC iMudra wallet using credit card/ debit card or UPI. All the important information such as your name, wallet balance, transaction, history,  exclusive offers and notifications are displayed on the home screen. iMudra’s dedicated team is also available for assistance, in case you need any help during the registration process, booking of tickets or transferring money online. You can enjoy some cashback offers with IRCTC iMudra and make every transaction exciting.

Another wonderful feature of the IRCTC iMudra, the leading e-wallet app in India is that it comes with a physical card. The cost of physical IRCTC iMudra card i.e. is Rs. 200 plus GST. The IRCTC iMudra card is widely accepted across all ATM’s in the country and it can be used to withdraw cash. Hence, your dependence on multiple cards is reduced with the use of one IRCTC iMudra card. 

So, what are you waiting for! Register for the IRCTC iMudra digital wallet app today and carry a whole new cashless world in your pocket. Avail the benefit of some exciting offers on the widely used iMudra e-wallet with debit card.

Go Cashless with iMudra, a secure digital money wallet app

Are you looking for a reliable digital wallet in India? Your search ends with IRCTC iMudra, one of the best money wallet apps launched by the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC). From booking train tickets online to sending money to your loved ones, this app allows everything through a safe, secure and hassle-free process. What’s more, is that you can also avail some special benefits such as cashbacks and exciting offers on this digital  money wallet app. Follow these simple steps to register for your iMudra, e-wallet app today.

  • Log on to the IRCTC iMudra website –
  • Click on the signup button and enter all the relevant details.
  • Enter the OTP that you have received to verify your phone number.
  • Upon completing the registration process, your e-wallet shall be generated.
  • Top up the wallet with desired amount and generate Digital/Virtual Card to use for online transactions.
  • For the physical card all you need is completing full KYC and apply for the Physical card using the mobile app only.

While the virtual card is provided to users free of cost, Rs. 200 + GST is charged if one wants to avail the physical card. The benefit of using the physical card is that  apart from being getting swiped at POS machines, it can be used at any VISA-enabled ATM in India to withdraw cash quickly. This card enables easy purchase of your desired goods and services through a simple process. The ATM withdrawal will be charged at Rs 20 plus applicable taxes. The monthly wallet limit is 10,000 rupees and for full OKYC verified users, monthly limit is 1 Lac.

One can also transfer money to other iMudra user using the iMudra platform. We have also partnered with several other brands to provide exclusive offers and discounts to our loyal iMudra users. You have the convenience of accessing iMudra using a mobile, desktop or tablet. The smart wallet greets you by name, displays your wallet balance and allows you to check your transaction history with ease. The app has a user-friendly interface and options to send money, shop online, check offers, etc. are displayed on the home screen for convenience.

Some of the unique features offered to iMudra users include:

  • Hassle-free and secure transactions
  • Elimination of tiresome payment approval cycle
  • Saving payment gateway charges per ticket
  • Easy to manage and top up wallet online using any payment mode such as credit card, debit card or UPI.

So, have you registered for the best digital money wallet? If not, sign up now and open a cashless world with special benefits and attractive offers, designed especially for you. Make every transaction from the comfort of your home and shop online using the iMudra e-wallet app. Whether you want to send money to a iMudra friend in need, order products/food or buy movie tickets online, you can do it all using your iMudra app. Switch to a simpler way of carrying out transactions and start using iMudra, one of the most reliable wallet apps which serves digital and physical both.