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Enable powerful and holistic online learning experiences that are curated to the uniqueness in every learner and aligned with the vision of NEP 2020.

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Learning Made Evolutionary. Education Made Easy.

powers institutions and educators to manage online learning and teaching experiences to bring the best out of the learner.

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Creative Content Delivery

Deliver content in multiple formats to enable multi-modal learning for your learners.

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Smart Performance Reporting

Understand more about your learners with in-depth engagement metrics and scores.

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NEP 2020 Aligned

Stay in adherence with NEP 2020 with a host of features built in to the learning engine.

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Data Privacy & Management

Ensure security of student data and maintenance of back-ups as per latest industry standards.

enables learner to approach content in different ways to improve engagement and understanding of concepts.

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Multi-Modal Learning

Multiple encoding of content as a result of multiple modes of learning as per Learners’ preference.

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Adaptive Learning Algorithm

A system that gauges Learner’s understanding of concepts and plans content journey accordingly.

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Customize Your Learning Space

Design your own learning dashboard with a host of widgets at your disposal.

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Gamified Learning

Unlock badges, widgets and much more as you stay on track with your learning targets.

Packed with powerful tools.

Online education like never before

  • Multiple Modes of Learning
  • Unique Learning Pathways
  • Adaptive Mode Suggestions
  • Engagement Gamification
  • Customizable Dashboard